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Dana Lieber
Matan Gal

Graduated from the Bezalel academy of art & Design in 2016. After graduation, Dana joined HQ architects and participated in several design processes. Between 2017-2021 Dana was a staff member at Bar Orian architects and was responsible for unique preserved buildings and residential projects in Tel Aviv.

Dana also participates in the design development process of prototypes for the family business of Doron furniture. 

In 2021 Dana started her M.s in Historic Preservation at GSAPP Columbia University, NYC.

Her thesis project explores building materials as storytellers within the Israel-Palestine region and a case study of the Givat Ram campus, defined by its concrete and limestone presence. Co-Advisors: Prof. Mark Wigley, and Prof. Amanda Trienens. Readers: Prof. Jorge Otero-Pailos, Prof. Zvi Efrat.

Dana also collaborates with the Preservation Technology Lab as a lab assistant, and editor of the materials video series of the Historic Preservation program. 

Started his career in 2012 at Landmann aluminum as a consultant and supervisor for facades technologies for the public projects sector in Israel till 2015. 
In 2018, he graduated from Bezalel academy with honors and achieved several excellence awards for the final project, including the 3rd Prize in Azirelli annual best academic final projects; the 3rd Prize in the Israeli design award for conceptual projects category; and elected to present in UIA Rio 2020 conference.
After graduation, Matan worked in several leading Israeli firms and was involved in large-scale public projects. Distinguish projects are Broadcom R&D Center & Eng. labs at Tel Aviv University (Studio PEZ); Architecture department building at Tel Aviv University (Tsiovov-Vitkon architects); Kikar-Hamedina primary school (Tsiovov-Vitkon architects); CPM II core-shell office building (Mann-Shinar architects).
In 2019 was a teaching assistant of Prof. Zvi Efrat in a design studio course for the 3rd year, and in 2020 led a design course studio for the 2nd year.
Currently, Matan works for REX architects and operates from NY. 


Dana and Matan have cooperated since their academic studies (2014) and always try to reach a coherent narrative in their design process while combining and consolidating experimental research with their rigorous practice. 

Dana Lieber       +1.917.216.6480

Matan Gal   +1.917.216.6119

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